Dry Needling

This is sometimes used as an adjunct to a treatment plan that may also call for hands-on mobilisation, exercise and other physiotherapy techniques.

In dry needling treatment, a thin sterile filament-needle can be inserted beneath the skin — muscle relaxation is the aim here, for restoration of function. Some of our Positive Movement physiotherapists have studied this extra skill, and it is offered within our clinical physiotherapy service.

A “myofascial trigger point” is a place in a muscle where, due to dysfunction, there is abnormal contraction or spasm of a bundle of muscle-fibres. This spot is often hypersensitive. So the physiotherapist palpates trigger points and altered myofascial regions, inserts the fine acupuncture needles, and then considers subsequent tissue response and reaction.

This placement of the thin filament needle can ease blood flow, which may help in your muscle relaxation, pain relief, and reducing inflammation. The sensation may include warmth, electrical tingling or fullness.

If you have had dry needling before and consider it a treatment you would like to include again in managing your condition, please let us know when you book your consultation.