Post Operative Rehabilitation

Hospital Based Physiotherapy Services

Boyd Physiotherapy provides hospitals with only the highest quality inpatient physiotherapy. At the Brisbane Private Hospital our service includes specialisation in leading-edge post-surgical physiotherapy and in the rehabilitation unit.

As an orthopaedic, spinal, or neurosurgical patient, you’ll receive one-on-one time and care post-operatively with our Positive Movement physiotherapists. In your recovery we’ll help you maximise your potential and return to function, for safe  discharge from hospital.

We work closely with your surgeon and the specialised nursing personnel, creating your rehabilitation plan for mobilisation, exercise therapy, education, manual therapy (if needed), and in discharge planning.

This component of the practice specialises in post-surgical care and is at the forefront of advances in patient rehabilitation.

Through close professional relationships with many of Brisbane’s leading orthopaedic and spinal surgeons, Positive Movement physiotherapists keep abreast of new techniques, and so enable rehabilitation. Staff are encouraged to view different surgical procedures in the operating theatres, allowing for an intrinsic, physiological understanding of operations and their outcomes. This overview of all that is involved in the surgical arena provides confidence and completeness in post-operative physiotherapy rehabilitation.

Where it’s appropriate, a self-managed regime of exercises, mobility, and functional activities will then be ready for you.

Our qualified staff also assist with pre-operative and post-operative clinics for several orthopaedic surgeons, at the Brisbane Private Hospital and at other facilities, as part of multidisciplinary teams. This care, too, enhances each patient’s rehabilitation.

Understanding your attending surgeon’s protocols and specific requirements enables us to continue caring for you during your after-hospital recovery time

Clinical Post Hospital Discharge Physiotherapy

Once discharged from hospital, you may choose to attend the Positive Movement clinics at  Boyd Physiotherapy  at the Brisbane Private Hospital or at Ascot Physiotherapy, for continuity of care with the same physiotherapist or with others.

Our two outpatient clinics also provide convenience for patients leaving other hospitals and wanting to work on their recovery with Positive Movement staff.

Carrying through each patient’s post-operative plan, Positive Movement physiotherapists will also develop your rehabilitation regime. Hands-on manual therapy and massage, guided exercise, and functional-activity retraining — all these can be used to help you in managing pain, and to improve functional range and strength. As well, we consider together your pre-operative status, and realistic post-operative goals. Positive Movement physiotherapists pride themselves on their high level of individual care, and success in the agreed-upon goals of treatment.

And if there is a preferred physiotherapist at another clinic, appropriate information for continued rehabilitation will be passed on, with the patient’s approval.

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